Author Topic: My autograph session with Ken Levine <33333  (Read 407 times)


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My autograph session with Ken Levine <33333
« on: April 18, 2012, 11:00:07 pm »
Wassup people?! Tis Dana, reportin' live from the NYC!


Ok. Now that I've put you through that sheer idiocy, I want you to know that I truly am excited. Very few things excite me, but when they do, I bounce off the walls.

Ken Levine is my her and idol. Honestly. Bioshock made me absolutely fall in love with his work. I waited in line for over an hour, but the thirty seconds I spoke to him, were possibly the best of my life.

I regret not wearing my little sister cosplay to meet him, I had rushed from a Hetalia photoshot and did't have time to change.

ANYWAY, back to the point. Meeting him. Smiling like a ditz, I shook his hand. Honestly, what shocked me was his British accent. He... isn't English. I questioned this, and he just laughed, saying he thought it would be fun. How cool is that?!He wasn't  angry about being there all day and having to deal with fans, he was upbeat and talkative. The best part was that I got him to sign my Little Sister apron. He was reluctant, because he thought he would ruin it, but I was insistant. Now it's my absolute favorite thing in the world.

He was so cool and nice. It was truly an amazing experience. Maybe, if I'm lucky, he'll be there again, and I'll have the guts to ask him for an interview. I regret not hugging him, or talking more, or anything of that nature really. I was so nervous and quite frankly starstruck. Besides, if I had talked too much, I pobably would have asked for his number...or kissed him...or something crazy like that! I didn't want to be another phycotic fan story. Though... it might have been worth it. Especially if I kissed him.

WELL. Putting my craziness aside, it was truly amazing, and a wonderful memory.

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