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How They Went
« on: April 18, 2012, 08:59:00 pm »
Not to praise ourselves, but we rocked! Videogames We Love To Hate was, as always, a huge success. We had good debates going, and a lot of strong opinions.

Jeapordy was, in short, a disaster.They booked two panelist groups in the same the same time. However, we share dthe space cheerfully, having a fun game with a huge crowd of people. It was tons of fun.

Capture the flag was...a failure...sorta. It was so iincredibly fun, and it was amazing, even if we had to play in the rain. Unfortunatly, we were forced to stop in the face of lightning...but not before several attractive guys took off their shirt because they were sweating from the game. Which made Dana very happy.

However, Musical Chairs Plus Villians really stole the show. It was fun and quirky, and let everyone reconnect with their childhoods. Cody got really into it, running, jumping, fighting over seats. The battle for the last chair was near violent! It was quite fun.

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