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« on: April 18, 2012, 08:39:13 pm »
"It's just Icon". That's the phrase our writers Cody and Dana have adopted.But why? It's a family orientated, local convention that we've all attended for years. So why on Earth would our motto be "it's just Icon"?
The answer is simple. It's because it's a small, local convention. There aren't many cosplayers, and when there are, from my experience, they're either terrible, store bought, inaccurate, or simple. I honestly don't mind that, I really, truly don't. In fact, I actually embrace it. Those cosplayers are the cosplayers of the future. They're not very experienced, but with time, they'll blossom into cosplayers that people will stare at in awe, I have faith in that. However, as slightly more advanced cosplayers, we get bored with that. It was awesome when we were young. When I was a little Narutard, I went to my first Icon decked out in a Kiba cosplay....wearing sneakers instead of sandals, the wrong colored dog, and an abundance of energy and boundless excitement. However, now that I've gotten passed (way passed) that stage in my life, where I'm young and new to it, vulnerable to get swept into the big fandom, I find that the excitement of Icon cosplay has diminished. Cody and I (Dana) have taken a tack to being lazy with our Icon cosplay. I knew my dress had to be altered to be accurate, and Cody knew his armor needed repairs...but instead we went and got pizza, saying "it's just Icon". Upon attending the convention, we were right that people still found our cosplays fantastic, even if we saw inaccuracy.

So for us, "it's just Icon" is a way of justifying our laziness with our cosplay.

But what else is it?

Something always goes wrong with Icon. However, not because of the convention, but because of the weather. It rains, or it's super hot, or evevn super cold. It's.... "just Icon".

It's become a sort of slogan to describe our home convention. "It's just Icon" has it's insulting implications, but for us, it's also a way of returning "home". It's our home convention where we can be lazy and we don't care about appearing to be the perfect cosplayers and con goers. We're more ourselves, because  "it's just Icon."
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