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I am sort of unreasonably excited about this baby. I am at the age right now where everyone I knew in high school is getting married and having kids (or they already did) and I'm sort of feeling left behind. (Not that I want kids right now cause oh my god would that be a terrible idea!) so I'm kind of over hearing about another person popping out another kid.
Don't worry if you can't spring for a custom closet design or have the funds to pay a professional organizer -- you don't have to spend a fortune to make a big difference in your storage areas. Whether it's your bedroom closet that's bursting at the seams or your linen shelves that are overflowing, there are plenty of simple, inexpensive ways to maximize your space. The solution could be as easy as a $15 shoe rack or a couple of new hanging bars. It could even be free -- if you're willing to conduct a clothing purge.
I learnt an important lesson the first night if a man comes up to you on the street and says that for five bucks, he can tell you your birthday to within three days, and where you got your shoes from don't give it to him! I thought it sounded likeit was worth it, gave him my five bucks,alviero martini borse, and he said "You were born on Wednesday" and "Where you got your shoes? On yer feet,, sucker!" and off he went!
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